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Arishta Banga ~Recommendation of JYOTISH~

Let's start by talking to ourselves

 I am not a professional fortune teller. In my own long life, I had a lot of tiring and troublesome things. As a result of studying that fortune-telling for fun, I happened to come across Indian astrology, and it's been about 7 years. Over the past few years, I've gradually learned my own way, and I feel like I've gained some confidence, so I'm going to write my own words little by little.     I am aspiring to be a professional appraiser.

my background

I'm rather lost in life myself

I run a company.         自分が生まれる10年以上も前に父が建てた会社About seven years ago, I took over management rights as the representative. Somehow I've managed to get to this point as an amateur. There are still many things that make me feel restless. Every day I feel joy and sorrow when I check the luck of the day through Jyotish.


​I hope this will someday become the [Destiny Parking Area]

​​ Bunsuke Kamura

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